Health insurance required when applying for a residence permit

A foreigner submitting documents for residence should prove that he/she is in possession of health insurance (in the meaning of the Act of 27 August 2004 on health care services financed from public funds) or a confirmation that the costs of treatment on the territory of the Republic of Poland are covered by an insurer.

Therefore, it is necessary to possess insurance that covers the costs of treatment in Poland, i.e. allows the use of health care and hospital treatment (it entitles the holder to use both the care of a doctor in a clinic and hospital treatment), or a current insurance policy indicating that the costs of treatment are covered by the insurer.

The document confirming insurance must always be in Polish and must be valid on the day of the decision, and preferably several (minimum 3) months longer.

Evidence of insurance may be:

– ZUS RCA declaration for the last month

– a current entry in the insurance card

– insurance contract with the National Health Fund (the original insurance contract with the National Health Fund to be presented together with proof of payment of insurance premiums – from the date of the contract to the date of the decision). Please note that each premium must be paid by the 15th of the following month

– entitlement to health care benefits e.g. from the Social Insurance Institution – ZUS (confirmation of enrolment in ZUS and payment of contributions)

– foreign insurance (if the insurance is obtained from a country other than Poland, it must be translated into Polish by a sworn translator and submitted together with the original)

– private insurance policy (the policy must cover costs of treatment in the territory of the Republic of Poland (it must grant the right to use the medical care in both outpatient clinics and hospitals). Personal accident insurance is not evidence of insurance covering medical expenses. The policy must be valid on the date of the decision.

In the case of payment in instalments for the policy, payment confirmation must be enclosed (original for inspection).

NOTE: Proof of health insurance is not required if the application is submitted by:

– the spouse of a Polish citizen,

– a foreigner’s family member within the first 6 months following the granting of refugee status or subsidiary protection to that foreigner,

– a person residing in Poland without valid residence documents (undocumented stay).