Work and residence/blue card/seasonal work/work of seconded worker

A person applying for this type of residence permit in Poland should demonstrate a stable and regular source of income sufficient to support themselves and their family members in Poland.

From 1 October 2018, the minimum amount is at least PLN 528 net per person in a family or PLN 701 net in the case of a single householder.

Documentary evidence of a stable source of income can include, but is not limited to:

– employment contract

– a contract of mandate

– a tenancy agreement that guarantees the landlord a regular income, etc.

It should be remembered that the remuneration for the work must comply with the minimum work regulations, e.g. in 2021 the minimum gross wage is PLN 2800 for a full-time job and PLN 18.30 per hour.

An account statement is not a document confirming a stable, regular income, because it only represents the balance of a bank account at a given time and is an exhaustible source of income.

In the case of regular inflows to an account, it is therefore necessary to document their source.

In the case of applications for residence permits for family members (e.g. children, spouses), it is possible to provide documents proving the income of the earning family member, e.g.:

– a parent’s employment contract

– PIT statement on the amount of income earned by the applicant or a member of his/her family for the last tax year

– a certificate from the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS)

The requirement to maintain a source of stable and regular income is also deemed to be met if the applicant’s subsistence costs are covered by a family member who is obliged to maintain the applicant and who resides in the territory of Poland.