We support  people with migration  experience in navigating a new reality in Poland. 

Bringing cultures and generations together

Having implemented integration activities for years, we are convinced that sharing ones own culture is as important in the proces of integration as learning a culture of a receiving society. Migrants gathered around Association for Legal Intervention come from rich cultures and are eager to present them to the Poles.To facilitate the proces of exchange, we create opportunities for the actors to come together: during cooking or art classes, lectures and visits to  culturally or historically significant places not only personal ties are made, but also intercultural understanding is achieved.  We work particularly closely with Polish senior citizens and engage them in various intercultural undertakings, thus contributing to an intergenerational exchange. 

Empowering refugee children

While working day-to-day with refugees, we observe how important it is to work with asylum seeking children. Our efforts go into helping  them integrate with the Polish society, empowering  them, raising  their self-esteem and giving them knowledge and skills that they will be able to use wherever they live in the future. 

Our activities for children include: sewing and art classes (held together with seniors), as well as theatre workshops.We ring together migrant children and Polish senior citizens, these collaborations result in unique intercultural and intergenerational sharing and bonding.

Working with  refugee women

An important part of our integration activities  is working with refugee women. We run workshops based on art therapy, organize walks around Warsaw, visits in theaters or art galleries that help them get used to the new environment and the challenging situation, that they found themselves in. 

Intercultural and intergenerational events

In order to contribute to the building of a diverse and open society,  we regularly organize open events, such as: intercultural picnics or Christmas Eve parties. Migrants, seniors citizens, volunteers, employees and other guests spend time together integrating.