The Labour Code imposes the obligation to prevent discrimination and mobbing/harassment at work on employers and to ensure safe and hygienic workplace environment. This goes beyond merely ensuring that the employer does not discriminate against employees and does not harass them – they are also obliged to prevent discrimination and harassment between their employees. 

Introducing an anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy in your company will be beneficial for you and your employees: 

  • it will raise employee awareness of undesirable situations at work and reduce the number of such occurrences;  
  • if there are specific procedures in place, work-related issues can be solved effectively out of court; 
  • it will make it easier to create diversified teams, ensuring that their members feel safe and can freely present their own unique viewpoint on any problems the team might face;
  • it will make it easier for the employer to demonstrate in the course of any possible lawsuits that they did take steps aimed at preventing discrimination.

We will help you to develop such a policy for your organisation and will provide you with advice as to its practical implementation. Such a policy should take the nature of your organisation into account without neglecting your needs and capacity. After we develop a policy for you, we will train your managerial staff and all of your employees in it.

All revenue generated by our paid services is used for our statutory activity, i.e. actions related to observing human rights and ensuring equality before the law.