If you would like to learn more about other cultures and if you like working with people, you can pursue such interests at the Association for Legal Intervention.

We value your skills, positive attitude, eagerness to learn, openness to other people, readiness to face and tackle new challenges, integrity, and diligence.

It does not matter whether you are shy or gloomy, a party animal, or on the cheerful side – we treat everyone equally. We will definitely find something for you to do based on your needs and personality.

  • Maybe you speak Russian/English/French/Arab/Turkish/Farsi and would like to improve it in practice?

Try your hand at translation and interpreting as part of our LINGUISTIC working group. We also help foreigners as interpreters when they go to the doctor or to a public administration office. In fact, we also assist them in the course of their everyday lives whenever they face problems because of being unable to speak Polish.  We also try to tell our clients what life in Poland is like so as to prepare them for better coping with it on their own in the future. We want them to be able to function here without any assistance. We also handle translation of documents.

You could become involved in helping Russian-speaking migrants, including ones from the Caucasus and Ukraine. If you speak French, your help with translation and interpretation for people from Cameroon or the Congo would be invaluable. Speaking English, you could assist foreigners from countries such as India, Pakistan, Syria, or Afghanistan.

Where do we help people?

Wherever foreigners cannot communicate freely on their own – without the assistance of a translator or an interpreter. Passing by such commonplace areas, we do not pay much attention to possible problems we would face there if we did not speak Polish. We cannot even begin to imagine what clinics, hospitals, state offices, police stations, schools, nursery schools, and many other places where important tasks are handled would be like if we were not able to communicate. Not to mention that there is sometimes so much confusion and misunderstanding involved that even a person speaking excellent Polish may find themselves somewhat lost. This is why interpretation is usually accompanied by some description of cultural background at hand. Thus, we serve as cultural guides of sorts.

Keep in mind that we do not force anyone to act as a volunteer for more time than he or she would like to assign to that purpose. We will never ask you to help others at the expense of your private life and other obligations. Being a volunteer activist is supposed to give you immense satisfaction and enable you to develop your skills. It will make you grow and it will definitely not become just another stressful item on your to-do list.

  • Are you a lawyer or a student at a faculty of law? 

You could also help our lawyers out as part of our LEGAL working group. Your support of our legal activity would contribute to the efficiency of our entire organisation. By helping us this way, you would help people who need legal assistance. 

If you decide to join our legal working group, you will have an opportunity to work with lawyers specialising in assisting foreigners such as migrants, people officially recognised as refugees, and people applying for international protection. There is a wide variety of available tasks with which you could help, acquiring valuable experience for yourself in the process.  In addition to that, we also organise training courses regarding various aspects of the law.

If our cooperation is to be of any significant benefit to you, we recommend that you should communicate and collaborate with our lawyers on a regular basis and also visit our office when you can. Such visits are, obviously, not obligatory and there are many tasks which you can perform remotely. We suggest devoting around 4 hours per week to such activity. Oh, and there are also field trips. What kind of field trips? You can learn all about them during a special meeting or online – just ask us.

  • Would you like to support migrants as far as access to healthcare is concerned? Or maybe you are interested in social work? 

Doing even a little bit of work for our clients, you will notice very soon that a great number of them are forced to face overwhelming problems. We have created our SOCIAL working group in order to help such people and their families.If you plan on doing broadly understood social work in the future and after you have learned a thing or two about our clients and what we do for them, you will have a great opportunity to focus your efforts on assisting one family of your choice. 

Bear in mind that it may sometimes seem that there is no end to problems and challenges such people face so we require you to specify the maximum number or hours which you are willing to spend helping them. We suggest that you do not spend more than 10 hours per week on it. This is based on an assumption that effective help requires some distance and inner peace on the part of the helper. Like in every other part of our lives, you must not neglect your own needs for the good of others.

Activities as part of this group are an excellent training course in smart assistance – you will learn to give a helping hand to others instead of doing everything for them.

As part of our SOCIAL working group we also try to help asylum seekers enforce their rights related to accessing medical services. Here you could learn more about what patients are entitled to, about who pays for healthcare services rendered to foreigners, about laws in force, and about what options foreigners and refugees have when it comes to exercising their rights. This will be a great opportunity for you get a practical insight of what legal monitoring feels like.  A lot of work is performed in collaboration with lawyers and there are also training courses available.

  • Do you like working with children?

Our CHILDREN working group handles interesting challenges and is bound to give you some memorable experiences.

Foreign children with whom we work are just like other children. However, you will see for yourself that there is also more to them than meets the eye and they are truly extraordinary in some respects. You can participate in numerous activities related to a wide variety of projects – including arts and crafts classes and educational workshops – or you can help us transport groups of children from the centre for foreigners where they live to the place where activities are organised for them.  Getting to know those little clients of ours will certainly help to open up your mind. They are somewhat mischievous, forever curious, and tend to ask questions which adults find difficult to answer. Do make their acquaintance!

Another way in which you could help us is assisting foreign children with their education.

  • Do you have a flair for organising things? Or maybe you know a thing or two about computer graphic design or social media ?

Our OFFICE MANAGEMENT / PROMOTION working group may be just the place for you.We could use some management- and promotion-related support from you. Our to-do list seems endless. 

Or maybe you would like to share a bright idea of your own with us?

We provide:

  • care and supervision of a volunteering coordinator;
  • meetings with other volunteers;
  • training courses;
  • a unique opportunity to learn more about other cultures;
  • a chance for you to see your own ideas implemented in practice;
  • opportunity to do some great and useful work as part of an interesting team;
  • access to publications related to what we do.

If you would like to learn more about about doing volunteer work at our Association and see if it is something up your alley, fill in our application form. It is very short, no unnecessary questions asked!