Are you a solicitor? Or maybe an attorney-at-law? 

If you would like to become involved, on a pro bono basis, in defending the rights of migrants in Poland, you can work with us and focus on the following areas:

Preventing the exploitation of migrant workers 

We file lawsuits against employers taking advantage of migrant workers and we strive to win back their remuneration or any compensation such employees deserve. 

Preventing unjustified detention  

We fight against unjustified detention of children and vulnerable persons, representing them as part of proceedings aimed at detaining them or extending their detention, as well as in the course of proceedings aimed at procuring compensation/damages for them if they have been unreasonably detained. 

At the moment, we would like to establish cooperation first and foremost with lawyers operating in the following cities: Warszawa, Kętrzyn, Olsztyn, Biała Podlaska, Białystok, Lublin, Grójec, Radom, Przemyśl, Krosno Odrzańskie, and Zielona Góra.

Combating discrimination

We file lawsuits and represent migrants as part of proceedings pertaining to unequal treatment (including civil law proceedings and administrative proceedings). 

Protecting victims of hate crimes 

We provide legal support to people who have been affected by hate crimes on account of their ethnicity, religion, nationality, or background. We represent such aggrieved parties at police stations, at the prosecutor’s office, and before courts. 

Combating gender-based violence

We also provide legal support to people who have experienced violence due to their gender – those are typically migrant women and female refugees but this group also includes non-heteronormative people. We represent them as part of criminal law and civil law proceedings. 

Other issues

We are open to other forms of collaboration with practicing lawyers related to the protection of foreigner rights.  

Would you like to become involved?

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