1. Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored on users’ devices intended for use with web pages.
  2. In many cases software used for website browsing automatically admit storage of cookies in the user’s computer.
  3. The website users can make changes in cookies settings all the time, in particular so as to:
    • block automatically using of cookies in the website browser settings,
    • inform about their every time appearance in the user’s computer.
  4. More details about possibilities and methods of cookies using are available in software settings (the website browser settings).
  5. Blocking the use of cookies cannot affect the essential information available on the website.
  6. Our website does not use cookies, but it can be used also by partners cooperating with the website operator.
  7. Our website uses Google Analytics for the purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical website data. More details about using data are available in Google Analytics privacy policy.
  8. Our website uses Google Map. More details about using data by Google Map are available in Google privacy policy.
  9. This privacy policy may be modified. If the currently effective privacy policy is changed, appropriate modification of aforementioned rules shall be published on a page of the website.