Training: how to employ migrants in line with the law? 

The situation on the Polish job market forces employers to seek and hire employees from outside of the EU. How to employ such people without breaking the law and avoid financial penalties after an inspection from the Chief Labour Inspectorate? 

We tailor our training courses to your needs. We provide you with comprehensive information, focusing on practical application of knowledge during our meetings with employers or HR staff. We organise both basic and advanced training courses.

Example training course agenda:

1. Procedures for employing foreigners in Poland:

  • legal documents governing the issue of lawful employment of and work performed by foreigners;
  • conditions for legal work in Poland and how to meet them (as regards residence and work in Poland);
  • rules and regulations regarding issuance of work permits for foreigners;
  • types of work permits (A, B, C, D, E);
  • types of permits, including Polish work permits, permits for work and temporary residence in Poland, declarations of employers intending to entrust work to a foreigner, permits for seasonal work;
  • which foreigners have access to the Polish job market.

2. Job market institutions – who and when is exempted from the obligation to procure information/confirmation from the relevant starost.

3. Polish work and residence permits and travelling to other countries within the EU – for how long and under what conditions can a foreigner leave Poland?

4. Inspections by the Chief Labour Inspectorate and the Border Guard.


The training takes around 6 hours. It consists of a theoretical part and practical exercises/workshop (where focus shifts to examining specific cases).


The client’s office, any location in Poland. 

Trainings and workshops: preventing and combatting discrimination in the workplace

Would you like to make your employees more aware of equality and diversity at work? Or perhaps your managerial staff needs to deepen their knowledge about preventing discrimination at work and responding to it?  We can organise a training course for a group of employees you choose at your office. Duration: at least 2 hours.

Venue: the client’s office, any location in Poland. 

All revenue generated by our paid services is used for our statutory activity, i.e. actions related to observing human rights and ensuring equality before the law.