Legal adviceLegal advice at your office / at our officeA face to face meeting with a lawyer of ours at your office or at our office
Analysis of factual circumstances
Analysis of documents
Choosing the best legal solution in a given situation in order to select the most beneficial form of employment and/or residence permit for a given foreigner.
300 PLN/h
Legal advice via e-mailOur lawyer provides you with advice via e-mail.
In this case the price includes answers to questions and dispelling future doubt pertaining to a given case.
350 PLN
Legalisation of residenceDeclaration on entrusting work to a foreignerCarrying out the entire procedure for employing and/or legalising employment after a power of attorney is procured from the employer and handling all communication with state authorities:
– filling in all required forms and drawing up other documents on behalf of the client with a view to making it possible for the foreigner in question to start legal work in Poland as soon as possible
– providing legal advice in the course of the relevant proceedings
– personally representing the client under a power of attorney from them.
600 PLN
Work permit1000 PLN
Combined work permit and temporary residence permit2000 PLN
EU Blue Card (work requiring high level of skills/education/training)2200 PLN
Temporary residence permit due to pursuing business activity in Poland2600 PLN
Documents related to legal proceedingsPrompt noticeDrawing up a prompt notice to be submitted as part of proceedings related to residence permit300 PLN
AppealDrawing up an appeal against a negative decision pertaining to residence700 PLN
ComplaintDrawing up a complaint to the Voivodeship Administrative Court related to inaction of authorities or undue lengthiness of proceedings related to residence permit1000 PLN
Legal opinionA written analysis of the issue presented:
– a description of the issue
– legal analysis
– an indication of possible risk
– conclusions
200 PLN/hour
Training coursesProcedures for employing foreigners in Poland– legal documents governing the issue of lawful employment of and work performed by foreigners
– conditions for lawful work and residence in Poland 
– rules for issuing work permits and their types
– which foreigners have access to the Polish job market.
Prices are negotiable on a case-by-case basis.
Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment training coursesWorkshops raising awareness and sensitivity with attention also paid to legal matters
Training courses for managerial staff

* all amounts are gross amounts
* if there is no need to procure such a confirmation from the starost, the price of the service is reduced by 20%
* if the employer employs a greater number of foreigners, rates may be re-negotiated

*The prices listed above apply to services rendered to employers who intend to employ/are already employing third-country nationals. Contact us to learn prices for other entities (employment agencies, intermediaries etc.).