Part-time studies

A person applying for a permit for this type of residence in Poland should demonstrate that he/she has sufficient financial means to support himself/herself and his/her family members in Poland.

From 1 October 2018, the minimum amount is at least PLN 528 net per person in a family or PLN 701 net in the case of a single householder.

In this case, it is necessary to demonstrate having sufficient funds to cover:

accommodation costs, including fixed service charges, energy, gas, water, sewage and waste charges (e.g. a tenancy agreement and the last gas, electricity and administrative rent bill, or a certificate from the student residence confirming the charges) as well as documents confirming sufficient financial means to cover them

costs of living in Poland (PLN 701 x 12 months = PLN 8,412)

costs of education (tuition fees for the whole academic year) 

costs of return travel to the country of residence (PLN 200 in the case of a country neighbouring Poland, PLN 500 in the case of the European Union, PLN 2,500 in the case of a country outside the European Union)

A document confirming the possession of sufficient financial means is most often a bank statement, but it may also be a traveller’s cheque, a certificate confirming the amount of limit on a credit card, a document confirming the granting of a domestic or foreign scholarship with the indication of the period and amount of benefit.

Furthermore, it must be attached: 

– evidence of tuition fee with date of payment in full or in part.