On 16th of May this year another so-called Anti-crisis Shield (3.0) came into force. Below are described the changes related to new regulations which apply to foreigners who stay in Poland.

  • From 24th of May deadlines for administrative proceedings are continued.

If you have been refused a residence permit (e.g. temporary residence permit or international protection) during an epidemic threat or epidemic status, or you have been denied the initiation of a residence procedure, the deadline for filing an appeal against the decision starts running from 24th of May.

If you received a negative decision just before epidemic threat the suspended deadlines are continued from 24th of May.

Contact us if you’re not sure the deadline for filing an appeal.

  • Extension of validity of residence cards

The expiration date of residence cards of an EU citizen’s family member or documents confirming the right of permanent residence and permanent residence cards of an EU citizen’s family member which has expired during the state of epidemic threat or epidemic status is extended by 30 days counted since last day of: the state of epidemic threat or epidemic status – depends which was announced as last.

  • Facilitations  for seasonal workers

There is a possibility of undertaking seasonal work without a seasonal work permit in the following cases:

–  you  have a type A or B work permit  which is valid after 13th of March 2020

– you have  a declaration of employment assignment (registered), in which at least one day of the work period falls after 13th of March 2020.

  • Extension for the period of social and medical assistance for persons who have completed asylum procedures  by 30 days counted since the last day of the state of epidemic threat or epidemic status.
  • Further facilitations for workers

Your work shall remain legal  even if  the conditions for its performance changed in comparison to what is stipulated in your  single  permit or your Blue Card, your work permit, seasonal work permit and your registered declaration of employment assignment („oświadczenie”).

This applies when conditions change due to employer’s implementation of solutions from the Anti-crisis Shield.

  • Assistance for migrants  with refugee status or subsidiary protection – submitting applications by means of electronic communication.

Submission of the application for assistance under the Individual Integration Program can be done via e-mail.

  • Food aid for legally residing foreigners in Poland who have been quarantined or isolated at home.

Food aid is offered to  persons with a difficult situation and with an income not exceeding limits:

▪ 1 402 PLN in case of single-person household

▪ 1 056 PLN in case of family member

In order to receive food aid one shall apply to appropriate social welfare center (OPS) or the partner organization providing food so as to be qualified for food collection.

Moreover, the restrictions on the entry of foreigners into Poland are maintained.

See our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions with Answers) to see what these  new regulations mean in practice.