Read carefully:

  1. Answer a few questions and you will receive a simple appeal to download to your device (phone, computer).  
  2. Print it out, sign it and send it by post to the relevant authority – to ensure your case is reviewed. 
  3. The appeal we will have prepared for you will be a very simple letter addressed at the authorities which will make it possible for you to kkeep the deadline to appeal. However , it will not contain all the necessary arguments relevant to your case. After having sent it by post, consult a lawyer to submit an additional letter in your case, stating individual circumstances and evidence.
  4. Find a person who will agree to be your agent for service in Poland. Pursuant to Polish  regulations, official correspondence is forwarded only to an address in Poland – therefore, you should have a representative in Poland who will collect your correspondence at a Polish address – otherwise you will not be able to find out what is happening in your case.
  5. If you cannot find such a person, you can initially send your appeal without naming an agent, but you must then send the office information about this person and his/her address as soon as possible.
  6. Remember that if you are abroad, you should send your appeal as soon as possible; it must reach the Polish post office within 14 days of the decision. You may also submit the appeal at a Polish consulate within 14 days of receiving the decision.

I understand, I would like to receive an appeal against the refusal of entry