Answer the questions and download the letter you will send to the migration office or court

How does it work?

We have prepared for you templates of letters frequently used in migration proceedings. Your answers to our questions will allow us to adapt our template to your needs. You will be able to download the finished document to your device instantly, print it out and submit it to the migration office or court.

When to use our templates?

The model letters have been prepared by experienced lawyers specialising in migration law. They are particularly useful if you need to prepare a letter to the court or authorities in a short period of time and professional legal assistance is not available to you.

In complex situations, the letter we have prepared is only the first step, after which it is worth contacting a solicitor or lawyer to discuss the subsequent procedure.

You will receive our templates in Word format. You are free to change their content.

Your data is safe and secure

The data you enter is completely safe – we do not collect it and no one else has access to it except you. However, this means that if you close your browser tab, all the data you have entered will be lost. Stay on the site until you have answered all the questions and downloaded the finished document to your device (phone, computer).