Agent for service

In Polish law in administrative proceedings, a party is obliged to appoint an agent for service if he or she does not live in Poland during the procedure.

Any person over 18 years of age with full legal capacity (i.e. not incapacitated) and domiciled in Poland may act as an agent for service. 

An agent for service will receive at his/her address mail intended for someone else – i.e. for a person who has authorised him/her to do so. This allows the authorities to send important letters in the country also to persons who are currently outside Poland, without the necessity to use the postal services of other countries. The agent for service shall immediately notify the person to whom the correspondence is addressed of its receipt and communicate the content of the correspondence to him or her as soon as possible. For the Office, the moment the post is received by the agent for service, it is already properly served, i.e. the time limits for lodging appeals or complaints start to run.