We present the brochure “Unaccompanied child in Poland and Ukraine. Law and institutions: basic issues” which authors are Legal Counsel Agnieszka Kwaśniewska-Sadkowska and Doctor of Law Kateryna Krakhmalova in cooperation with Attorney-at-Law Olga Lepikhina.

The brochure was created in response to the growing challenges related to providing care to children migrating from Ukraine to Poland in connection with the ongoing war. It consists of two parts, the first of which describes the issues of childcare and guardianship over children in Ukraine, and the second of foster care for children in Poland. The study is a collection of the most important information on the care of Ukrainian children in Poland, which in a simple and transparent way presents the institutions existing in both legal systems. We hope that the brochure will be helpful for all people who, in their work or privately, come into contact with unaccompanied Ukrainian children and who care about their safety.

About authors:

Agnieszka Kwaśniewska-Sadkowska – Legal Counsel, graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Warsaw. A specialist in the field of children’s rights, counteracting domestic violence and foster care and the activities of non-governmental organizations. Trainer and author of publications related to foster care and non-governmental organizations. Mediator, primarily in family and juvenile matters.

Kateryna Krakhmalova – advocacy expert of the Association for Legal Intervention, doctor of law, lecturer and migration researcher. A graduate of the LL.M. in the field of human rights of the Central European University in Budapest, postgraduate studies in humanitarian aid at the University of Warsaw and the Faculty of Law of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy in Kiev.

Olga Lepikhina – a graduate of the Faculty of Law of the Kiev-Mohyla Academy in Kiev, attorney-at-law, co-director of family law practice, Asters law firm, Ukraine.

The brochure is available for download below: