The Refugee Board granted refugee status to an opposition figure from Tajikistan eight years after he filed an application for international protection.

Mr. I. came to Poland with his family in 2016. Since then, international protection proceedings have been underway. The Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw has already twice overturned the Refugee Board’s decision refusing to grant him international protection and referred it back to this body for reconsideration.

In the opinion of the administrative court, the Refugee Board failed on each occasion to examine thoroughly and competently collected evidence while reviewing the case in question by, among other things, ignoring relevant evidence arising from his political activities, which he submitted during the proceedings.

The migrant is actively involved in politics and holds high positions in the structures of opposition organisations. During the proceedings, he repeatedly indicated that a return to his country of origin in connection with his political activities could lead to persecution. His name was also on the regime’s blacklist in Tajikistan.

The Refugee Board ultimately overturned the decision of the first instance authority and granted the migrant with refugee status, pointing to the existence of “individual threats existing in his country of origin, giving grounds for international protection.”

Aleksandra Pulchny, a lawyer from our association, was the legal representative of the migrant.