Imagine fleeing your home to escape the war.
Or that you are being prosecuted by the police because you have an opinion different from the president of your country.
Or armed groups, because you speak a different language to them.
They torture you because you are of a different orientation.

They don’t need to imagine it.

The experience of each person arriving in Poland is different, but none of the migrants and refugees come here to enjoy themselves. They left their homes, the places they knew and the people they loved.

  • G. fled Cameroon from armed groups plundering the country in the civil war that has been going on there for years.
  • S. paid a high price for the struggle for human rights in Kazakhstan – ruthless torture and persecution.
  • D. was persecuted and tortured in Turkmenistan because of his orientation and activist efforts.
  • When Russian bombs began to fall on E.’s town, she had to abandon the place where she had lived for 60 years.

These are the stories of just four of the more than 3,000 people we helped in 2023 at the Association for Legal Intervention.

To ensure that those arriving in Poland may find freedom and safety, donate 1.5% of your tax to our Association.

Individuals with refugee and migration experiences – regardless of background, orientation, age, gender or religion – will find free legal and integration support with us. We assist in understanding their legal situation upon arrival in Poland, we represent them in international protection procedures, we struggle for access to the medical or social assistance due to them, we represent them in courts and the European Court of Human Rights if their rights have been violated. We also support them in their new reality and in starting an independent life in Poland, so that refugees can, finally, find their safety and freedom.

How to donate 1.5% to the Association for Legal Intervention?

Complete the PIT document and insert the KRS of the Association for Legal Intervention: 0000240024.

If you supported us last year, our KRS should automatically appear in the new declaration in the appropriate box.

If you chose a different organisation last year and wish to change your 1.5% target, after logging in to your e-PIT account, click Change organisation and then select the KRS number of the Association for Legal Intervention from the list: 0000240024.

First time settling online yourself? After logging in to e-PIT, click on: Select an organisation and select the KRS number of the Legal Intervention Association from the list: 0000240024.

If you are retired and are settling with the office, download the PIT-OP form in the printable version in which we have already entered our KRS 0000240024. Fill it in and submit it to your tax office.

You can find more information on how to settle your PIT in a guide prepared by the Ministry of Finance, or you can use the instructions on how to donate 1.5% to a Public Benefit Organisation.

We are grateful that you are with us!