Year 2021 was a year of challenges for non-governmental organizations operating in the field of human rights protection. The humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border has grown to a size that we have not seen in our part of Europe for a long time. In the face of it, we were forced to adjust our actions so that people in extreme conditions and those in need of our help could receive it.

We continued to provide legal support to foreigners and foreigners staying in detention centres, and we also fought against the discrimination that is still present in our country. We also monitored the activities of the authorities and actively reacted to legislative proposals that could lead to human rights violations, submitting comments on draft laws and a complaint to the European Commission.

Educational activities were also an important part of our work in 2021. Through workshops and trainings, we tried to raise public awareness of human rights and sensitize them to the difficult situation of migrants and refugees.

In 2021:

  • we provided over 4,000 legal advice;
  • we achieved 91% effectiveness in cases where courts issued final and binding judgements;
  • we joined 14 cases concerning granting international protection, residence permit in Poland and access to social assistance;
  • we have obtained for our clients compensations for a total of over 330 thousand PLN.

More information on our activities in 2021 is available in our Activity Report, which we encourage you to read.