Permit for a residence of a long-term EU resident

Here we will help you to complete your application for a temporary residence permit.

PLEASE NOTE: you will not complete your application online or submit it to the office via this website.

Here you will find guidelines:

  • how to answer the questions on the application form for a temporary residence permit, 
  • what documents should be attached to the application,  
  • how to make an effective application to the office.

Select the most convenient option for you before starting to fill in the application:

  • print out the application form, or
  • open an editable version of the form to complete it on your computer, or
  • if your voivodship office provides for the possibility of filling in the application online, please enter the relevant website and select the option of filling in the application for a residence permit of a long-term EU resident (e.g. for the Mazovian Office you will find such an option here >>)

How to complete the application – general guidance:

  • The application must be completed in Polish, in capital Latin letters.
  • IMPORTANT: If you do not enter an answer to a question, write N/A, make a dash or cross out the boxes.  Under no circumstances leave the box blank, without any answer.
  • Before you start filling in the form, prepare your passport, exact address of residence, details of your family members living in Poland, details of your trips abroad and stays in Poland.
  • You do not always make an application on your own behalf. If you are applying on behalf of a minor child, remember to answer the questions as the person on whose behalf you are making the application would answer them. Do not write your own model signature in the box in section E.
  • Remember that a separate application must be submitted on behalf of each child regardless of age.