The Consortium of social organisations working for refugees and migrants is an alliance of organisations defending Human Rights. They have been active for years, with less and less support and sometimes even attempts to fight such initiatives by the Polish government. On 27 February, the World Day of Social Organisations, they raise awareness of how much can be done by investing in cooperation, respect, trust and friendship.

Unlawful deportations, bias-motivated violence, difficulties in legalising residence, refusal to grant international protection, unjustified imprisonment, including of children, are just a fragment of the lives of refugees and migrants in our country. In each of these cases, specialist and systemic assistance is required, which is lacking for migrants and refugees in Poland, similarly to the lack of an appropriate vision and strategy for this ever growing segment of Polish society.

Against this background, the Consortium of social organisations was established, which, by combining the strengths of several foundations and associations, provides assistance to migrant and refugee women in our country. Although they do not formally form one organisation, they have been working together for over 4 years. They meet, support, motivate each other and benefit from each other’s knowledge. There are more than 120 activists and twice as many volunteers from 9 organisations working in Wrocław, Poznań, Lublin and Warsaw, but also joining forces to act nationwide when systemic solutions are needed.

As a result of the Consortium, there are free counselling points in 4 cities in Poland, legal support is provided to people placed in 6 closed centres for foreigners run by the Border Guard, mentoring support is provided to female and male activists across the country, social campaigns are conducted and migrants and refugees have their spokespersons in society. From March to December 2020, about 8 800 people received access to legal and integration counselling; about 110 people were provided with psychological support; about 450 refugee and migrant children were supported in their studies; 59 people were helped to find a job, more than 5 350 adults were able to learn the Polish language and 66 people found housing, in addition to 120 meetings and trainings on the migration field.

In challenging times, there is great potential in mutual cooperation, trust and friendship, which Consortium members see as the pillars of effective aid and human rights protection. By supporting each of the organisations associated in the Consortium – you contribute to the rights of refugees and migrants, you help create a good place for them to live in Poland.

We invite you to follow the social profiles of our organisations from 23-27 February. We will be speaking about our achievements and how you can support our work.

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Photo: Clay Banks / Unsplash