We are writing to the new government stating our readiness to join the legislative work on the draft Special Act.

The new government has notified an extension until 30 June 2024 of some of the legal arrangements under the law regulating the situation of Ukrainian citizens in the context of the Russian invasion (the so-called Special Act). At the same time, it announced the imminent start of legislative work on substantive amendments.

People who have fled from war need a sense of security and they should be aware well in advance of any changes to be introduced. We hope that the announced amendment to the Special Act, in addition to the necessary changes in individual provisions, will also respond to this need. As an association, we have sent a letter to the Ministry of the Interior and Administration expressing our readiness to get involved in the legislative work on the amendment to the Special Act. We hope that the government will consider the voice of refugees themselves and social organisations, who know both the challenges that people from Ukraine living in Poland face daily, and the situations where the current law is failing.

The letter that we sent to the Ministry of Interior and Administration be found HERE.