Within the framework of the Migration Consortium – a group of Polish organisations supporting migrants and refugees – we are publishing an open letter to international donors and members of international organisations. 

Being a group of civil society organisations working on behalf of migrants and refugees in Poland, we have been creating a broad platform for joint activities in the field of migration for several years. We are at the heart of emergencies, close to migrants and refugees who need help.

This assistance, in recent months, is particularly needed by refugees from Ukraine. By September, it is estimated that more than 6 million of them had crossed our border and 1.5 million registered refugees are currently residing with us. Providing them with support was a large-scale, enormous challenge that we undertook in collaboration with international NGOs. For their presence and financial support, we are deeply grateful to them. 

In this letter, however, we would like to draw attention to the problems arising from this cooperation. Here, we talk about an equal approach to the idea of partnership, respecting the limited time and resources of our organisations, avoiding situations where there is no room for cooperation, standardising procedures, transparency and honesty.

The letter, in English, can be accessed HERE.

The letter is open – further signatories are encouraged to join. It was written by the Migration Consortium, of which we are a part. Nearly 90 organisations from Poland have already signed the document.

The Migration Consortium is composed of social organisations and initiatives that have been supporting foreign men and women in Poland for years: Homo Faber, Nomada Association, Migrant Info Point, Amnesty International Poland, Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, CHLEBEM I SOLĄ (Polish Hospitality Foundation), “Our Choice” Foundation / Фонд “Наш вибір”, Polish Migration Forum and us – Association for Legal Intervention.