We have launched IMIG, a tool to provide online support to migrants in drafting letters to authorities and courts. IMIG is available in 4 languages. Both migrants and refugees, as well as organisations and those who support migrants can benefit from it.

IMIG provides comprehensive assistance in the preparation of official documents, such as border crossings, legalisation of residence or benefits for migrants – STEP by STEP.


Users of the tool will find, among other things:

  • specimens of letters frequently used in migration proceedings,
  • a special form allowing the design to be customised,
  • the possibility of exporting a print-ready document for filing with the authorities or the court.
Screenshot of the IMIG website

How does IMIG operate in practice?

IMIG provides assistance with, for example, the smooth preparation of the application for a residence permit, the completion of the annexes and the correct submission to the relevant authority.

The tool was created by lawyers from our Association who have been supporting people with migration and refugee experience to go through legal procedures for years and is available in 4 languages: English, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.