The government has adopted another amendment to the so-called Special-purpose Act – that is, the law regulating the situation of Ukrainian citizens and nationals who have fled to Poland from the war. The proposed amendments deprive refugees from Ukraine of the possibility to obtain a 3-year right of residence in Poland and also withdraw their entitlement to assistance with accommodation costs. We have written about these disturbing proposals before.

Significantly, the government’s draft bill assumes that the provision concerning the repeal of the so-called “anti-COVID shield” provisions, i.e. regulations extending the deadline for submitting residence applications under the Act on Foreigners, extending the validity of residence permits, the deadline for leaving Poland and the deadline for voluntary return will enter into force 90 days after the date of publication of the Act. This means that within 90 days of the promulgation of the Act, foreigners whose legal stay in Poland has been extended on the basis of this provision will have to leave Poland or submit a new application for a residence permit in Poland.

Now the bill, which contains changes that are disadvantageous for citizens and nationals of Ukraine, as well as other foreigners, has reached the Parliament. As a result, we are sending our remarks on the amendment to MPs.

Our comments on the draft can be read HERE.

If, like us, you are concerned about the planned changes to the law that affect Ukrainian citizens and nationals, present your views to the MPs who are sitting in the Polish Parliament (Sejm). The Committee on Administration and the Interior will work on the draft law. The composition of the Committee can be found on this page: Administration and Internal Affairs Committee (ASW) – Sejm of the Republic of Poland

The legislation will be debated in the Sejm on December 13 and 14. If the law is passed by the Sejm it will then go to the Senate. The next step will be to present the law to the President for his signature. If the President signs the Act, he will order its publication in the Journal of Laws. 

Proceedings on the Act can be followed on the Sejm website: Sejm of the Republic of Poland, print No. 2845