Donate 1% to fight for equal rights – KRS: 0000240024

The war in Ukraine and the humanitarian crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border made our actions necessary more than ever.

In 2021, more than 1,000 foreigners and foreigners benefited from our support. We represented or joined the precedent and strategic cases of 135 people.

In connection with the gross violations of human rights in the Polish-Belarusian borderland and in closed detention centers, as one of the organizations operating in the Granica Group, we monitor the situation on the border, support our helpers with our knowledge and represent the victims before the law.

In response to the needs of the victims of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, we have launched a dedicated legal portal for people fleeing from Ukraine. We provide free legal advice and training for assistants, and we constantly expand and update the knowledge base on the rights and obligations of people fleeing Ukraine. We also provide free individual legal support for refugees and women refugees.

On a daily basis, we fight to prevent origin from defining the lives of people in Poland. That children of the same age, regardless of their passport or lack of passport, could play and discover the world, so that young people could learn and travel (on the same terms), and older people take up work – with equal rights. So that nobody has to sleep in the woods in winter, so that the children can play football in the park, instead of crying with fear and helplessness in closed detention centers and stations. That refugees and refugees, regardless of whether they flee Ukraine, Syria, the Congo or another country, could live with dignity in Poland.

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What will we spend your 1% on?

We provide free legal assistance to people with migration experience. When their rights are threatened, we represent them before national courts and authorities and the European Court of Human Rights, and we actively participate in the creation of migration law by intervening and issuing opinions on legal regulations.

How to donate 1% to SIP?

Do you fill out your PIT online? Log in at If you supported us last year, our KRS should appear automatically in the new tax return, in the appropriate window.

If you chose a different organization last year and want to change your 1% target, after logging in to your e-PIT account, click on: Change organization. And then select the KRS number of the Association for Legal Intervention from the list: 0000240024.

Are you paying online for the first time? After logging in to e-PIT, click on: Select an organization and select the KRS number of the Association for Legal Intervention from the list: 0000240024.

If you consent to us getting to know you – please indicate consent to the transmission of information. We will be glad to meet you!

If you are retired, download the PIT-OP form to be completed on a computer or in a print version, in which we have already entered our KRS 0000240024. Fill it in and submit it to your tax office.

You can find more information on how to settle your PIT in the guide prepared by the Ministry of Finance, you can also use the instructions on how to transfer 1% to PIT.

Thank you for supporting us in the fight for equal rights!