No Detention Necessary

The No Detention Necessary project, implemented by the Association for Legal Intervention (SIP) in 2017-2019, is a pilot initiative promoting an innovative approach to measures alternative to detention. Acting on the basis of a CAP model of effective alternatives to detention  developed by International  Detention Coalition (IDC), we support migrants released from  detention facilities as well as the ones threatened with detention by means of providing them with case management, legal advice, and psychological support.  We strive to increase the level of engagement of foreigners participating in the programme in their migration procedures, to improve their functioning after they are released from detention, and to develop, in cooperation with them, a long-term plan of action.

Why we are implementing  the project

Research indicates that migration-related procedures are the most effective rights-based, when engagement–based alternatives to detention are implemented in line with case management model by people who are themselves not decision makers. Case management is a comprehensive and holistic approach to providing assistance to migrants which was designed with a view to handling the complexity of the actual and legal status of such people.  Research shows that assigning an especially designated person to a foreigner, facilitates access to services offered to foreigners and makes it more coordinated, makes it easier to provide them with information about their actual and legal status, creates an intermediary between the foreigner and migration services and offices, and improves the efficiency of procedures involving migrants. Applying engagement-based alternatives instead of detention in  cooperation with civic society is recommended to governments by, inter alia: United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, EU Agency for Fundamental Rights and  the General Assembly of the Council of Europe.

European Alternatives to Detention network

The project is implemented in Poland but it is a part of a greater civic movement within the European Union – the European ATD network currently associates 6 national organisations implementing  pilot projects based on case management. The activity of its members is supported by International Detention Coalition and Platform for International Cooperation on Undocumented Migrants (PICUM)

Our target group

Migrants in/after “obligation to return” procedures (including failed asylum seekers) are invited to participate in the programme, if they

  • were released from immigration detention
  • were imposed alternatives to detention, or
  • avoided detention

Only the following persons may receive support as part of the project (exceptions are possible under special circumstances):

  • people whose basic needs have been met i.e. boarding and accommodation
  • people who are not highly likely to abscond.

Support provided as part of the project includes:

  • case management: sharing of information, intermediation between administrative bodies and the migrant, assistance in handling current matters, assistance in preparing an action plan interventions in  emergency situations, social work
  • legal advice
  • psychological support
  • translation services.

Project Coordinator: Katarzyna Słubik,

Communication officer: Paulina Adamczak,

Project is co-financed by Network of European Foundations in the frame of the European Programme for Integration and Migration.