Lawyers for Refugees V

  • grant giving institution: European Refugee Fund and state budget
  • duration: January 2012 – December 2014
  • amount of subsidy: PLN 931,140

Short description of the project (objectives, main activities):
The project “Lawyers for Refugees V” is a continuation of projects “Lawyers for Refugees I, II, III and IV” and it focuses on satisfying the need for professional legal aid among foreigners seeking refugee status in the Republic of Poland, with special attention to the specificity of groups of people requiring special care (mainly minors and minors without care, women) and adjusting the way of providing help to individualised needs of its beneficiaries. Under this project information and legal assistance are also provided for people who have already been granted refugee status or another form of protection in the Republic of Poland. Moreover, the project also includes providing integration-related consultancy which goes beyond legal assistance.

Providing free legal aid and information for people seeking refugee status in Poland

Legal advice provided under the project encompasses oral consultancy, preparing legal opinions, writing official letters, representing clients in administrative proceedings concerning granting refugee status, including participation in status interviews and undertaking litigation-related activities in the interest of the clients.

Legal information and assistance for persons who have been granted refugee status or another form of international protection in the territory of the Republic of Poland

  1. Under the project legal information is provided for persons who have been granted refugee status or another form of international protection in the territory of the Republic of Poland. This task is performed by providing those people with free legal information and assistance personally by lawyers working in the Association and it constitutes a supplement for legal activities carried out under the procedure. It is an important task which facilitates integration in Poland by helping with executing the refugees’ rights and a task which aims at preventing their discrimination and – in a long run – their social exclusion.
  2. Providing integration-related counselling
    The scope of integration-related and cross-cultural consultancy covers the whole range of integration-related problems which acknowledged refugees and persons with granted tolerated residence permit need to face. The consultancy is mainly practical. Integration adviser helps the foreigners find their place in the Polish reality, acting at the same time as a translator, cross-cultural guide and, in a way, a social worker. Integration-related and cross-cultural advice supplement legal counselling provided for foreigners.
  3. Volunteer Centre
    The Volunteer Centre is a supplement to legal counselling as well as integration-related and cross-cultural counselling provided for foreigners. Its objective is to increase social awareness of forced migration and problems related with it. For that reason a group of volunteers will accompany the foreigners in their first steps in our country and will help them deal with all the integration-related issues: in public offices, related with health, education or other things that they could find difficult to deal with by themselves. In this way volunteers will not only help the foreigners, but they will also educate people in public offices and institution about problems of refugees, thus making the employees of such institutions more sensitive to them.

Coordinator: Aleksandra Zając