I Have the Right to Have a Family!

  • Source of financing: Polish-American Freedom Foundation, as part of the “Citizen and Law VII” Program
  • Total value: PLN 40350,75
  • Duration: 1st January 2013 – 30th October 2013
  • Partners: Dzieci Które Kochacie – Fundacja ARCHON+ [Children You Love – ARCHON+ Foundation]


Our project was created in order to provide legal assistance, education and professional information addressed to people who already are a foster family as well as to those who apply to become one. We want to help in professionalization of family-based forms of foster care for children by addressing challenges of the modern world.

The project assumes multifaceted support for people related with foster parenthood and for biological parents of children placed or under threat of being placed in foster care units (information, counselling and legal aid). If required, interventions will also be conducted under the project.

Apart from direct help the project also assumes monitoring the problems related with foster care, lobbing for it and popularising both, professional forms of such care and the work performed in order to restore the child to his or her biological family.

In order to promote and consolidate social awareness, a guide will be published in co-operation with Dzieci Które Kochacie foundation, which will be dedicated to the rights of a child to be brought up in a family and to social consequences of failing to observe these rights.

The project and activities undertaken under it will be promoted through a website, Facebook fanpage and meetings with people who actively work for supporting biological families and family-based forms of foster care.


The beneficiaries of the project will be families of children under threat of being placed in foster care units or who have already been placed in such units as well as foster families, adoptive families and family-type children’s homes, and also the workers of institutions dealing with these issues. Indirect beneficiaries of the project will be children placed or under threat of being placed in a foster care unit.

Coordinator: Agnieszka Kwaśniewska