Fulfilled, happy, employed

The project is co-financed by the European Union under the European Social Fund

Information on the project:

  • Total value: PLN 832,905.00
  • Source of financing: European Social Fund
  • Operational Programme: Human Capital Operational Programme
  • Priority: VII Promotion of Social Integration
  • Action: 7.2.1 Social and vocational activation of persons threatened by social exclusion
  • Duration: 1st April 2012 – 31st May 2014
  • Coordinator: Association for Legal Intervention
  • Partners: The Capital City of Warsaw / Targówek District, MAMA Foundation


The project assumes activities aiming at vocational re-integration, development of social skills of women remaining outside the labour market, it supports their self-reliance, teaches them how to be well-informed about the labour market (also concerning flexible forms of employment), it provides opportunities of labour-related trainings, it offers them legal advice (workers’ rights in the context of equality of sexes), it teaches how to analyse their own potential, increases the feeling of having driving force in a person who is threatened by social exclusion. Workshops will be organised under the project to discuss recruitment techniques (new trends) and skills of creating positive contact with an employer during a job interview. Classes will be supported by access to the Internet, thus emphasising the importance of information technologies as cognitive and educational tools.

Activities under the project involve:

  • Personal Development Programme
  • Activating Workshops for Mums
  • Legal counselling, family consultancy
  • Work training – I train, I work!
  • Practical study visits in companies / enterprises
  • Professional internship – professional re-integration


30 women who will be given an opportunity of personal development, of increasing their skills in the scope of building relations and effective auto-presentation in the context of contacts with a potential employer, as well as the opportunity of undergoing a 3-month professional internship.

Coordinator: Aleksandra Zając