Equal and Safe

  • Sponsor: Citizens for Democracy, financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area, implemented by Stefan Batory Foundation
  • Time frame: 01.03.2014 – 04.30.2016
  • Grant amount: 350 000,00
  • Partners: Association Lambda Warsaw

Brief description of the project:

The project concerns victims of “hate crimes” – crimes motivated by victims’ ethnicity, nationality or sexual orientation.

In the frames of the project  Association for Legal Intervention will offer legal support to victims of bias-motivated crimes (legal advice, court watch) , organize joint activities and capacity-building trainings for NGOs involved in combating this kind of crimes and conduct advocacy activities.


Coordination of work of the Coalition against crimes motivated by hatred and prejudice:

  • four two-day meetings per year , combined with capacity building trainings for  member organizations
  • ongoing monitoring of the situation  in order to develop common position on current issues and advocacy activities
  •  taking measures to develop system solutions related to the protection and providing support to victims of crimes motivated by hatred and prejudice
  • cooperation with the Coalition for Equal Opportunities

legal advice:

  • legal counseling and support for hate crime victims (in the office of the organization and through electronic channels  – e-mail , skype , phone)
  • participation in the proceedings
  • help and support for organizations included in the Coalition

court watch:

  • participation in court proceedings in cases concerning crimes motivated by hatred and prejudice
  • monitoring proceedings concerning this kind of cases
  • joining  the proceedings as a social organization


  • meetings with decision-makers
  • active participation in conferences
  • consultation of documents (political, governmental , legislative etc )

Objectives of the project:

  • increasing the awareness of people responsible for lawmaking , the police and the courts of the causes and consequences of crimes motivated by prejudice against people of a different ethnicity / nationality and LGBT people
  • improving the skills and cooperation between organizations involved in the fight against crimes motivated by hatred and prejudice through exchange of experiences

Coordinator: Ewa Grzegrzółka