Different but Equal – Survey on Equal Treatment of Foreigners in Poland

  • grant giving institution: European Fund for the Integration of Third-Country Nationals
  • duration: 1st January 2011 – 31st December 2013
  • amount of subsidy to the part covered by the Association for Legal Intervention: PLN 490,338
  • partners: Institute of Public Affairs

Short description of the project:

The scope of the project is to counteract discrimination and social exclusion of foreigners in Poland through detailed examination of the condition and caused of this phenomenon, in particular by means of:

  1. Creating the basis for effective integration through diagnosing problems encountered by third-country foreigners in Poland in the context of their discrimination and breach of their rights, and also presenting recommendations aiming at decreasing tension occurring in relation to integration of third-county national with the Polish society in this context.
  2. Increasing the capacities in the scope of monitoring and evaluating the policy and measures applied in third-country nationals’ integration by collecting and analysing information concerning the problem of discrimination of migrants.
  3. Increasing awareness of the problem of breaching foreigners’ rights (including discrimination), as a factor which hinders effective integration of migrants with the society.

The following activities will be undertaken under the project:

Survey on the execution of workers’ rights, the scope of which will be to verify whether Polish employers observe the rights of migrants, mainly those related with working conditions, pay and health and safety rules observance. The survey will involve migrants themselves (qualitative survey), and it will comprise an analytical element (concerning legal protection of foreigners against exploitation of workers).

Survey on discrimination of migrants on the labour market conducted by means of discrimination tests – experimental research concerning readiness to employ foreigners by companies and private or state institutions will be carried out. Discrimination tests will be preceded by an experimental survey aiming at defining the mechanisms that underpin discrimination of foreigners on the Polish labour market.

Survey on migrant economic institutions in Poland – examining transformations and their role in migrant integration. The object of the survey will be the operation of migrant economic institutions, e.g. shopping centres based on ethnic entrepreneurship. Deep analyses of factors that shape migrant economic institutions and influence their transformation over the years will also be performed.

Evaluation of the functioning of the new act on implementing some EU provisions in the scope of equal treatment, which will be carried out two years after the period of its operation. The act implements, among others, the so called Race Directive in the scope of combating discrimination due to nationality, race and ethnic origin.

Counselling and advocacy – counselling for migrants and assistance in discrimination-related issues will be provided, while based on cases monitoring, advocacy for the migrants’ interests in the scope of combating discrimination will be performed.

Information and promotion activities – a website dedicated to discrimination will be developed – materials for people who deal with the issue in practice will be added to it – and trainings will be organised to popularise the ideas and methods of combating discrimination of foreigners in Poland.

Study visits – visits to academic centres, government institutions and NGOs in countries that successfully apply discrimination tests for inequality examination will be organised. After all the visits a study will be published, presenting the collected experience, good practices applied in the visited countries, as well as recommendations for Polish researchers concerning the application of discrimination tests by Polish organisations.

Coordinator: Witold Klaus