In January 2021 Association for Legal Intervention (Warsaw), Homo Faber Association (Lublin) and Nomada Association (Wrocław), three of the biggest social organisations providing legal support to foreigners and refugees in Poland, started a common project under the slogan “Out of the shadow. Support for victims of hate” financed by the Stefan Batory Foundation, Active Citizens program – National Fund financed by the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area.

In cooperation, we offer free of charge legal, procedural and language assistance to the victims of criminal acts motivated by prejudice and hatred because of their ethnicity, religion, nationality or skin colour.

How do we help?

  • We run points of free, legal advice. Our lawyers and counsellors provide legal assistance in two ways: remotely (via email, phone, communicators) and in-person in the headquarters of our organisations. They also assist clients in all administrative matters. Our team includes psychologists and mediators.
  • Meetings and consultations are confidential, free of charge and take place in compliance with safety rules.
  • Our assistance is provided in languages that allow communicating freely with persons seeking help. We provide translation if needed.

Where to find us?

In Lublin, please contact Homo Faber Association
Phone: 602 430 868

In Wrocław, please contact Nomada Association
Phone: 791 576 459

In Warsaw, please contact Association for Legal Intervention

Our assistance is free of charge for all those in need.

Photo: Mitchell Hollander / Unsplash