About the test

You have been in Poland for a short period of time and you don’t know how to legalize your stay?
Your residence permit is about to expire and you don’t know what your options are? The test will
help you to find out what options you have to legalize your stay in Poland.

Read before you take the test:

  • It will take you up to 10 minutes to complete the entire test.
  • We do not store your answers and we do not pass them on to any authority nor institution. Your answers are strictly confidential and entirely secure.
  • The test is not a substitute for legal advice. Once you complete it, please do consult a migration law specialist.
  • The test is not designed for people who: benefit from the EU mobility (student, research worker), persons posted to the territory of Poland by an entrepreneur based in another EU country, people transferred within a company, trainees and European volunteers. We are working on improving our tool to expand its scope!
  • The test shows legalization options for people currently residing in Poland. In the future we intend to modify our tool to include a path designated for people staying outside Poland.
  • The test shows legalization options for an adult (i.e. 18 years and over). In the future we intend to expand its scope and include a path for minors.

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