The year 2022 was a testing year for Polish society and NGOs. For over a year, there has been a humanitarian crisis on the border with Belarus, where thousands of people trying to apply for international protection in Poland have been, and still are, illegally pushed to the other side of the border by the Border Guard. In February, challenges related to the Russian aggression against Ukraine joined, from which more than a million refugees came to Poland. Poles and Polish women showed great openness and support towards people fleeing from Ukraine. Unfortunately, at the same time, those who, crossing the Belarusian border and seeking shelter in our country, could not always count on the same help and open hearts.

In the public debate, a distinction was increasingly made between two categories of refugees – “good” and “bad”. The “good” refugees, i.e. those who flee from Ukraine, and the “bad” are the remaining refugees. We, as the Association for Legal Intervention, help every person who escapes violence, persecution or discrimination. It is not important to us where the person came to Poland from. We are for all refugees.

How did we operate in 2022?

In 2022, we helped over 4,400 people. We have obtained 7 important court rulings favorable to our clients, including a ground-breaking judgment of the District Court in Hajnówka, stating that push-backs conducted by the Border Guard on the Belarusian border are illegal. We took an active part in giving opinions on drafts and amendments to the law affecting the situation of foreigners in Poland.

Within a week of the Russian aggression, we launched a special portal for people fleeing Ukraine, where we created a database of over 500 questions and answers in three languages, updated on a regular basis by our lawyers, which is used by over 2,000 people every day. We also conduct trainings for people helping refugees, under which we trained over 850 people, and our lawyers conduct legal consultations for people affected by the conflict in Ukraine, staying in friendly organizations in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship.

We also continue to provide free legal advice to foreigners in our office in Warsaw. We are present in guarded centers in Lesznowola and Kętrzyn, where our lawyers provide legal support to foreigners who spend long months there without contact with the outside world. We are also part of the Granica Group, for which we provide legal and humanitarian support. On behalf of our association, people who work in the field help those who have been trapped by the system between the two countries.

Every refugee has the right to go through appropriate procedures and wait for the outcome of their case in a safe place, with respect for their dignity as a human being. No one leaves their home and does not risk their lives looking for opportunities for a better tomorrow for no reason. We are here to help all refugees, without exception.

Donate 1.5% of your tax for legal and integration assistance for refugees living in Poland.

Association for Legal Intervention – We are for all refugees.

How to transfer 1.5% to SIP?

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