We operate  in frames of four divisions:

  1. Foreigners Division
    • Since 2005 we have been providing legal and integration counselling to foreigners, including forced migrants – asylum seekers, recognized refugees and migrants with subsidiary protection. We represent our clients during the administrative procedures and help them to integrate into Polish society. Our association intervenes when foreigners’ rights are violated and fights against discriminatory regulations and practices.
    • In March 2009 we have opened The Information Centre for Foreigners, aimed at advising (legally and socially) immigrants residing in Poland.
    • We have also established the Voluntary Center, where volunteers help refugees with translations/ interpreting in daily situations, mostly during medical visits.
    • We conduct research and educational projects, aimed at increasing the awareness of Poles concerning migration and the presence of foreigners in our society
    • On the basis of our research and monitoring we propose recommendations for authorities regarding necessity of introducing legislative amendments concerning foreigners` rights
    • We organize trainings for professionals who work or deal with foreigners – police officers, public officers, social workers and teachers.
    • We publish articles and books concerning cultural and legal aspects of foreigners’ existence in Poland.
  2. Family and Child Division
    • Within this dvision we provide legal advice to people who are interested in different forms of foster care. We support foster families, family orphanages, adoptive families, people entering the adoption procedures and public officers or social workers working in the area of foster care.
    • We also provide help for the natural families in the process of regaining parental authority or in obtaining contact with their children in foster families. We also conduct legal counselling and run a helpline.
  3. “Freedom” Division
    • This division is aimed at strengthening the protection of prisoners as well as implementing and obeying rules concerning their treatment in detention sites. Our actions are undertaken in the public interest and contribute to respecting the law by the public officers and strengthening the rule of law, as well as in individual cases of people deprived of freedom and their families
    • We concentrate our efforts on monitoring the penitentiaries and custodies in order to check how the rights of prisoners are observed
    • The results of our monitoring are used to compile reports, expertises and also to prepare presentations for Polish authorities or international organizations
    • We provide free legal counselling to convicted people who are held in Warsaw detention sites
    • In cooperation with other organizations we have established a coalition called “Agreement for OPCAT implementation”, aimed at combating inhumane or humiliating behaviour towards prisoners.
  4. Mediation Centre
    A team of 10 professional mediators, supported by trainees, works in our Mediation Centre. We popularize the idea of restorative justice as a solution for solving conflicts amongst different social groups. We specialize   in family and criminal cases, in cases where a perpetrator is a minor and in intercultural mediation.  We have conducted trainings in the area of mediation for police officers, probation officers, social workers, teachers and students.