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Marriage in Poland

Legalization of residence on the basis of marriage union. Documents needed to get Married. Procedure.

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Rights of foreigners in administrative procedure

What is an administrative procedure? Inhabitants Foreigners’ rights in the administrative procedure. Steps of administrative procedure.

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Residence legalization for international students in Poland

Each foreigner entering into the territory of the Republic of Poland in order to study, complete a vocational training or conduct a scientific activity must obtain a document legalizing the residence in Poland.

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Legalization of residence in the territory of Poland

When you attend to matters tied to legalization of your residence in the territory of Poland remember the most important is to lodge the application within the required deadline.

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Permanent residence in Poland

The act on foreigners provides for two forms of permanent residence for foreigners from countries outside the European Union.

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Work in Poland

As a rule, foreigners from countries outside the European Union need a work permit in order to undertake legal employment in Poland. This permit is worth applying for. Legal work is the basis for legalizing a stay in Poland.

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Work in Poland without work permit

As a rule, foreigners need a work permit to undertake employment in Poland. The employer applies for the work permit.

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Visa renewals

A visa’s a permit which authorizes a foreigner to enter, transit through and stay within the territory of a given state for a specified period of time and purpose and on specified conditions.

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What to know before you engage an attorney

In matters related to legalizing your stay in Poland, you may use assistance of an attorney, that is, a person who will handle matters with the Office on your behalf.

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Polish Citizenship

Polish law allows foreigners who have lived within the territory of Poland for an extended period of time and meet certain criteria to become citizens of Poland. To obtain Polish citizenship a foreigner must file an application to that effect.

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You have been granted amnesty – What to do next?

Legalising the stay of children. Work. Legalising the stay of children. Legalisation of further stay.

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EU Blue Card

Poland has introduced a new form of legalising stay for high-skilled foreigners. The, so called, EU Blue Card is a residence permit for a specified period of time.

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