Information Centre for Foreigners

If You:

  1. Apply for a residence permit (temporary or permanent stay)? We can provide you with information concerning this procedure.
  2. Apply for a residence for a defined period of time(the application must be submitted not later than last day of legal residence in the Republic of Poland)? Do not wait until the last minute! Come to our office and make sure you have all the documents needed.
  3. You consider applying for permanent residency? Our consultants will explain you the procedure in details.
  4. You received a negative decision? Each foreigner has right to appeal against the decision, within 14 days of its receipt – come as soon as possible to our lawyer who will help you to write your appeal!
  5. You Have a residence permit? We will tell you what your rights are in Poland and abroad.
  6. You are a victim of discrimination or dishonest employer? Come! We will try to find a specialist who can help you.
  7. You are wondering whether to hire a representative? Think whether it is worth spending money and taking the risk? We can help you figure out the rules, so you can handle your case on your own.
  8. You have been deceived by a dishonest representative? Our lawyers will try to help you.
  9. You are not in any of the situations above, but you want to consult your problem with a specialist? Visit us in our office.

We are not the immigration office. We are not a private agency. We work in partnership with the Mazovian Voivodship Office which only confirms our credibility as an organization that wants to help you. OUR CANSELLING AND LEGAL ASSISTANCE ARE FREE OF CHARGE! WHAT WE DO? Information Centre for Foreigners operates in the framework of the Association for Legal Intervention from April 2009. We provide free of charge legal aid for NON-EU Nationals who are staying in Poland. Our lawyers and counselors provide their help in the Association’s office at Siedmiogrodzka 5 room nr 51, where experienced counselors provide their complex assistance. Assistance with preparing appeals against decisions undertaken by the Polish state administrative bodies and improving understanding of Polish legal system are given by lawyers daily. Each consultation will have to be arranged by phone.

We intervene in cases where foreigners rights are being violated, we try to fight discriminatory laws and practices.

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